Depression and Gambling Addiction

Does gambling addiction cause depression? Or… does depression cause this issue. This can be a classic situation of the items comes first..the chicken or even the egg. Getting labored like a counselor for ten years within the mid eighties to early nineties, both illnesses were always separated. I possibly could never appreciate this because both of them are so intricately intertwined. How will you separate the 2 illnesses?

And… how will you really try to determine which happens first.

Anybody having a gambling problem which has any existence effects is definitely likely to experience depression.

Within the “winning phase”… once the gambler continues to be winning and in their glory, depression won’t co-exist. However, when the addiction progresses, and also the person begins taking a loss, entering debt, and experiencing social, emotional,and physical effects, depression will certainly ensue.

Was the person having a gambling affliction depressed before? Maybe they might have been depressed prior to the addiction.. and perhaps not. The end result is the person with gambling problems will certainly become seriously depressed in direct relationship towards the effects from the gambling behavior.

It’s difficult to separate gambling and depression because gambling addiction is really a lonely, isolating, demoralizing disorder. Depression has got the same kind of characteristics.

Compulsive gambling and also the stress and chaos it causes in a person’s existence can lead to despondency, insomnia, hopelessnes, helplessness, lack of self confidence, sadness, and suicidal ideas. It’s very difficult to separate gambling addiction and depression. This addiction is an extremely depressing affliction.