Do You Know How Variance in Poker Affects You?


Even a professional player of poker also must live with the inconsistency of the game and if you want to make poker game to make your living then read this write up. Despite having best skills and experience, many of the expert poker game end up losing their money. These ups and down that one must face in this game is called variance.

Many experts in mathematics can give their own explanation of the variance in statistical terms. However, there is no science that can give you exact prediction about your winning or losing a game. Therefore, if you are participating in any of the poker game then you must live with this variance.

Those who are not so much knowledgeable about mathematics behind the game will tell that it is the luck that decides whether you will win or lose a game. There are many people who play situs poker online and if you analyse the results of different players you will perhaps be able to evaluate it more accurately. That is because for statistics the prediction can be more accurate if the data size is much larger. With small amount of data, it is little difficult to make proper prediction.

The variance may also change based on the game. In certain types of poker game, the variance can be much greater from many other games. It also depends upon the structure of the betting. Size of betting can also influence variance. There can be huge swing in variance if the bet amount is very high. Therefore, you will notice in most of the tournament games where people make high betting often return home empty handed as the variance of such games are high.

There are four unique styles of playing poker game:

  • Loose passive style
  • Loose aggressive style
  • Tight passive style
  • Tight aggressive style

Usually players of tight aggressive styles show minimum variance and they usually are most profitable in poker game. The results of any loose passive or tight passive styles usually depends upon the hand that they get and therefore their variance is highest. It is loose aggressive style players rely on big bets and push away other players. Thus, if a player has tight aggressive style then with occasional bluff and little understanding of probability can have minimum variance.

Therefore, one expert poker player commented that the game of poker is 100% luck and skill game.

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