Parx Casino: The Wise way to Make Pittsburgh Sports Betting


Your Pittsburgh sports betting only makes sense with a trusted casino. We hope that you’re not settling for a bookie on the street. Not only could that get you fined by the police, but you’re likely to have your money stolen. Parx Casino, having grown to be the largest of its kind in the State, has the most transparent option for you. You can come right into the casino and sit at a TV. Happy hour is a popular time, and sport games will air live.

Some, instead, prefer to play online and for good reasons. The ongoing deals, the wagering and the news stream—can all be found through a smartphone. You’ll need nothing else. An introduction into the bonuses and promos is often enough. Learning about how online points can be collected have encouraged players to stay home. Just by placing your bets through a mobile device, you could be in position to reap more than you had expected.

This is the promises of a trusted Pittsburgh sports betting book—that you can find online. What you’ll need to consider now are the levels and tiers. Not all players are treated equally, so there are great incentives in remaining among the VIP. Parx Casino will show you how. The casino, with a lineup on world sports, will show you which bets have the best probability. From betting on final scores to a spread in points, your options are vast.

Now let’s get you in position to become an Elite-X-Club member today.

The Elite-X-Club Points and Why

Some players come and go. Those who stay deserve to be recognized for their cunning talents and their command over the outcome of world sports. Right this moment, you have roughly 20 games to consider. The odds are in your favor if you could just keep track of what’s going. The PA gambling app is where most players start. Listing your sports, selecting your teams and setting your spreads can occur when it’s convenient for you. It all starts with an Elite account.

– Bonus Signup:

The elite group of X-Club members immediately receive a bonus of 50,000 credits. This enters into their accounts after they sign up. The credits are as good as money, but you’ll then have to win your bets. Take those bets home, cash them out early or hold them for a rainy day in sports. You don’t have these credits with a “regular account” when engaged in Pittsburgh sports betting.

– X-Club-Member Perks:

We know Parx Casino for its dynamic perks. You name it; Wednesday, Sunday or Tuesday will have its own specials. These come when they’re least expected to. Bonus points make being an X-Club member “worth its weight in gold.” The only weight to measure is what the casino will pay out. Your Pittsburgh sports betting is about making money. Sure, we all love the adrenaline rush, but take-home cash is much better if you’re a part of the X-Club team.

– Comp Spending:

Every VIP member at Parx Casino is identified by a special card. This credit card doesn’t have to be used, but if you’re crafty, you’d use it whenever you spend. The “comp program” is simple. Come to the Parx complex, enjoy the scenery, find a game and start betting. Right then and there, you’re building up your credits. After playing, consider buying something to eat. Food, drinks and novelties list as comp spending.

Comp spending occurs when you use your X-Club card. The spending you do is returned back to you at a rate of 2.5 percent. You can then spend that money anyway you like.

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