What are the Types of Basketball Betting?


As a rapid end to end game, basketball provides the bettors an amazing way to try and earn some profit. To assist those who want to learn on how to bet on a basketball to begin, the betting experts of Free Bets have listed a few basic bet types that are related to basketball betting. Read on.

Money line basketball betting

Money line markets are deemed the most common and simplest market to learn the cost of a bet. This way of basketball betting is just placing money on a particular team to win the game. For instance, here are the money line odds for the Boston Celtics versus Utah Jazz.

Boston Celtics: 3.440

Utah Jazz: 1.364

In this very instance, the Utah Jazz (13.64) is deemed the favorites to beat the Celtics (3.440) at home. When counted in terms of American odds, it would be -275 and +244. If you are staking £10 on the Utah Jazz, you will get a return of £13.64 which will include your stake as well. The profit you earned would be £3.64. But, if the Celtics win, you win nothing and will lose your stake. If you place a £10 stake on Celtics and they win, then your return would be £34.40, which will include your initial stake leaving you with a profit of £24.40.

Handicap Basketball Betting

Once you have learned using the money line then betting on handicap becomes handy for you when one team is hugely favored over their components. With the handicap, in order to counter the perceived bias in ability, the bookmakers will provide a handicap to level the playing field. The handicap number is displayed as + or -. It is then factored into the eventual score to determine the outcome of the game for the bet purpose. In other words, the handicap result differs from the actual result.

Golden State Warriors: (+7.5) 2.050

Indiana Pacers: (-7.5) 1.862

If the Pacers win, the bets on handicaps are lost. This is due to the purpose of the bet which began with -7.5 points, and hence you have to subtract 7.5 from the final score. This makes the outcome 92.5 – 96 in the favor of Warriors’. If the Pacers won, the adjusted handicap result would have been 96.5-96 means the Pacers still win. This is called covering the handicap.

Totals Basketball Betting

Totals betting which is also called Over/Under is a bet where the combined points scored in the game is over or under a set number. For instance, if you look at the total odds for Sacramento Kinds versus Miami Heat:

Over 210.5: 1.962

Under 210.5: 2.110.

If you place your bet of £10 on the game to be over the 201.5 points, and the outcome was 116-98, you would make a return if £19.62, which means £9.62 profit earned. If you have backed the total score under the 210.5 with the odds of 2.110, then you lose a bet.

Although this article outlines the basic forms of basketball betting, offering you a solid foundation in learning how to do the basketball betting, there are many kinds of advanced bets that can be placed, now that you are aware of how to place a basketball bet.

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